The Basics Basic Baking Handbook

Wow, what a mouthful.

I wrote a post about this recipe book on my previous blog but thought I'd do it again, because it's worth it.

I originally bought this book to understand the basics and foundations of baking. Since then, I have gone on to bake many recipes from this book and it is worth shouting about, as one thing I noticed when purchasing this book, was the lack of decent reviews on it, so here I am.

The Basics Basic Baking Handbook is a God send for all amateur bakers. At a measly £7 from amazon, anyone can afford to indulge in this book. A little bit of background; the book's author Marguerite Patten worked for the ministry of food during the Second World War, which immediately tells me that this woman knows what she is talking about.

I have flicked through and read, and created many of the recipes in this book and I can honestly say that each and everyone I have actively tried has turned out amazingly. The directions are clear and concise and the measurements for and ingredients themselves are spot on. Everything I have made from the recipes in this handbook have turned out brilliantly on the first crack out of the hat.

I have a lot of time for this recipe book, not only because of its price, but because of its basic and accessible nature. If you're pondering over buying this or any other recipe book for baking endeavours, I would urge you to get involved.