Record Store Day 2014

Holy moly, it's less than a month til RSD '14, and I am SYKED!

Just thought I'd spread some joy about one of my favourite events of the year. This will be my third RSD and I'm happy and proud to be apart of a really important campaign. A campaign to get people back into record shops and buying music, as opposed to downloading or worse, illegally downloading music. After all, the music industry didn't become what it is by people stealing music. The music industry is built upon everything, and everyone. A loyal fan base, who will queue up for hours to get tickets, spend hundreds of their hard-earned cash on cds, records, gig tickets, merchandise... need I say more?! As a collective, we love music, and it really bewilders me to think that the very people who supposedly support their favourite bands and artists, are single-handedly bringing down the business.

I digress, the reason I love RSD is because it's repairing some of the damage that has been done over previous years. It's not necessarily about buying Vinyl - although each year there is an increasingly amazing release of limited edition vinyls to get people excited and through the door. It's the whole notion and process of actively going into a shop and buying a physical cd, record or TAPE?! Yes tape.

My first year in 2012 was slightly unsuccessful, I was still at uni in Swansea, it was the final loan payment day (students rejoice) so I went into town quick before going to work. I popped into Derrick's Music all smug like thinking I'd be the only one to go for actual record store day. Wrong. Although the shop was pretty much as dead as usual, I still wasn't able to get the limited edition purple 7" of R U Mine? by the Arctic Monkeys. I stood there looking whilst all the mullets looked me up and down thinking 'she must be lost'. I even had to ask Derrick himself. They ordered one in and it had already been sold. Sad, sad times.

But I guess last year really made up for it, it was a bright sunny day and I was feeling hungover. I managed to rope a couple of friends into coming down to Rough Trade East with me, despite it already being late in the day. I took some left over Rough Trade vouchers with me and only really had one record in mind that I wanted. We waited a short while in a queue that moved quite quickly and eventually made it in. I made a sharp bee line for the limited edition vinyls and there it was staring straight in front of me... I managed to pick up the Mystery Jet's Royal Festival Hall album, and one for my sister (which my friend got for me as it's one per person). Can you even imagine the joy?! There were loads left as well. It wasn't until I was half way round the shop looking like the cat that caught the canary that I realised BOTH were signed.

Pure RSD moment of joy right there.

I also managed to pick up a limited edition Brian Jonestown Massacre vinyl for the boy and had to keep it a secret until his birthday two weeks later. My sister and I coordinated and she picked me up an Elliot Smith 7" in Reading as well. Organisation is key.

I guess my point is, I love Record Store Day, it's invaluable in getting people out of their homes and into the shops and it's great for creating a buzz around a process that has almost been lost.

If you want to find out more about Record Store Day 2014 which is on 19th April 2014 (always the third Saturday of April), click here and get involved.