Payday Wishlist March 2014

A bit late this month, but better late than never, I suppose. You'll see that everything I'm lusting over this month is homey, because I'm moving (again) in May and can't wait to fill the place with lovely bits and pieces (deciding jointly with the boy obviously).

1. Double Walled Glass Mug - The White Company, £4 - I'm in love with these mugs. We were given them in a restaurant at the end of a meal for our teas/coffees and interest was sparked, immediately. I think they're cool, sleek and they don't burn your hands. And now at such a bargain price.

2. Medina Tumbler - John Lewis, £4.50 - I've had my eye on these beauties for a while and just think they're gorgeous. A bit more than I'd like to spend on tumblers but they are beautiful so I could definitely ignore the price tag.

3. Flowers and Stripes Cushion - Zara Home, £19.99 - Although I want to try and stick to a base colour of grey in the lounge, I just love this cushion, it's a lovely pop of colour, although I'm conscious the boy may not be too fond.

4. Tripod Table Lamp - Next Home, £55 - Yikes! I didn't see the price before I included this but it is gorgeous. We'll be needing a couple of table top lamps and I love the bright lime colour which will contrast well against my planned grey, but I guess we'll see how that actually pans out.

5. Le Creuset Rainbow Egg Cups (set of six) - John Lewis, £36 - Yes, it is a lot to spend on some egg cups but don't they just look lovely?! I knew you'd agree.

6. Painterly Rose Ceramic Measuring Jug - Cath Kidston, £20 - I love baking, I love Cath, I don't think I need to say ANY more.

So there we have it, my (belated) payday wishlist. If anyone has any great homeware websites to share, please feel free, I'm definitely on the look out.