I'm sure every man and his dog has heard about MEATMarket and it's sister restaurants but just incase you haven't I'll give you the low down.

Tonight I went to MEATMarket, the Covent Garden arm of a chain of restaurants, for dinner and a catch up with a good friend. And I have to say, even after having eaten about three hours ago, I'm still full. Thinking back, I felt like this when I went to MEATMission in East London back in September. 

So you've probably guessed by now that the theme of this restaurant is meat. I would consider this place a modern day diner serving up fancy, yet dirty burgers, made only to serve the most advanced, junkiest appetites going. Having been written about in TimeOut magazine every week it seems, I was expecting the place to be rammed, and as there are no reservations, I was preparing for a good wait. But to my surprise, my friend and I waltzed in and ordered a cocktail. Well, it would be rude not to.

The cocktails are quirky, charming and nothing I've ever experienced before; they come in slushy form, in a plastic cup and certainly with no pretence. I was shocked at first (ever so slightly at the £7 price tag) but I found it endearing. Plus it tasted goooooooooood.

We were told to grab a seat then when we were ready, to come up and order, canteen style. The menu is on the wall, literally, so we got up, chose our food, paid, sat back down and waited excitedly.

The part of the experience I kind of loved the most was that when your food is ready, they call your name... Through a tanoy!!! Much unlike Starbucks though, cooler and less contrived. It is what it is.

So onto the food, I had the 'dead hippie burger' and ordered some chilli cheese fries and battered pickles for us to share, accompanied by my 'Miami Nice' cocktail.

There's one thing you certainly can say about MEATMarket and it's that their food is jam packed with flavour. I was on a bit of a mission to decipher the flavour of the 'dead hippie' sauce, but all I can really say it was damn good. The bun was unassuming but perfect and the two (yes, two) beef patties were juicy and flavoursome. I have to admit though, I had previously been told the battered pickles were the best thing since sliced bread, and as a third generation Pole I can certainly appreciate a gherkin, but unfortunately they just didn't cut it for me. There was too much batter and not enough gherkin, the accompanying blue cheese sauce however was boom.

The star of the show for me though, was without doubt the chilli cheese fries. Oh me, oh my, they are everything and more I could have wanted. I'm just going to leave it at that.

We ended off the night by stumbling across Adventure Bar, a low key cocktail bar, playing great song after great song, but not too loud enough to stifle a conversation.

Overall a great night and I would thoroughly recommend MEATMarket, if you're ever around Covent Garden and don't fancy something you can get on every other street in London.