Matte Lips

I'm not into shimmer or sparkle, there I said it (unless it's on my nails). I like a more natural and down to earth make up look, so as a rule, I generally avoid anything glossy like the plague. It just doesn't do it for me.

I want to talk about a few matte lip products that I'm enjoying, but mainly because of this little beauty:

The Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Striking Spectaculaire. It was a whimsical buy, I must admit but boy am I glad I did so. I tried it this morning for the first time and hold the phone, I've found a matte lip product that is not only creamy on initial application, but also doesn't dry my lips out. I've always thought the balm crayons (can we call them crayons?) were a little light on the colour department whenever I swatched them in the pharmacy; but I was wrong. Colour O' Plenty could be another name for this product.

Although the other products I'm comparing this to, aren't balms or 'crayons' (yep, I'm going for it), they are matte and they do the same job by colouring my lips.

First off I'd like to start with my most recent purchase, the Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Party Pink. This is a stand alone product: it's affordable, the colour payoff is great and it is LONG lasting, and I really mean long. It also does exactly what it says on the tin, it is matte, through and through. However, I don't know if anyone else feels like this but when I wear this, I feel like I have eaten a donut or drunk a can of coke or basically smothered sugar all over my lips because they are sticky. Very, very sticky. Which I don't like.

The other product is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in shade 107 (which doesn't necessarily claim to be matte but I'm including it). I adore this lipstick. This colour is what I have been searching, nay, yearning for, for a number of years. A dark red, that is actually red, not purple or pink, and doesn't wash the colour out of your face. In fact, I've had a number of compliments when wearing this lipstick. Again the colour pay off is great and yep, you guessed it, it's matte, but this lipstick, this amazing lovely lipstick, dries out my lips better than the burning sun itself. And after a whole day, you can see every imperfection and flake of skin going. Not a good look.

My point is, I think Revlon have cracked it here. Everyone knows the glory of the Lip Butters and their lipsticks are a contender for sure, but spare a thought for the Matte Balm, much more forgiving and dare I say flattering product (for me) than the shine of a glossy lipstick. And as we all know, sometimes you really don't fancy wearing a bright lip colour, but I really think this could carry you easily from day to night for some cheeky after work drinks.

Have any of you tried the Matte Balm? What are your favourite matte lip products?