Broadway Market

On Saturday, a friend and I popped along to Broadway Market in East London. It was such a glorious day thankfully, as we had been planning to go all week after staying on Friday night drinking wine, and eating pizza. Dreamy.

The market is predominantly a food market, which I indulged in myself after walking past a stall that had various types of ready to eat food stuffs. The dill and garlic marinaded mushrooms really took my fancy, which I didn't realise until I took them home to my parents that they were traditional polish style mushrooms. I should have realised because the stall was also selling hot Gołąbki (or Golumpki) which are cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and pork mince, covered in tomato sauce - my little Polish belly is rumbling just thinking about it.

I picked up an amazing bargain as well, a vintage 90s shirt, which I originally picked up with the boy in mind but quickly realised that it will have to be something we can share... :) I wore it to work today, it's so good.

I thoroughly suggest a visit to this market, not only are there plenty of food stalls to make you want to create another meal time for, there's a great buzz. Maybe it was the sun beaming down, making us wish we'd come out with sunglasses (in February WHAT?), but there was a really nice atmosphere with everyone milling around, soaking up the first of spring. Just lovely.

Gorgeous lovely flowers. 

Annoying bit of glare.

Delicious bread. 

Origami accessories, cool, slightly overpriced, but definitely cool.